Infectious Diseases

Infectious Disease Planning

It's only a matter of time before the next pandemic hits. Will you be prepared?

When-not if-the next pandemic strikes, it will spread around the globe at lightning speed, transmitted by millions of travellers criss-crossing the globe. And the likelihood is that it will originate in Asia, in countries where many multi-national organisations are employing local staff and deploying global workforces.

When a pandemic or serious infectious disease strikes, you need to act fast to isolate the risk and close down the means of it spreading throughout your organisation. You need to know who is travelling, who is planning to travel and where they are in the moment. You need emergency medical resources and support that you can call upon instantaneously. And your plans must be fully integrated with your organisation's overall business continuity plan.


Swiss Assist International has a wealth of experience in this area, helping multi-national corporations, governments and NGO's develop and implement emergency response plans relating to medical emergencies globally.  


We can provide you with a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your organisation is fully prepared and able to respond rapidly when the next pandemic strikes: 


1. Policy Advice

Instant access to senior Public Health practitioners who can advise on a broad range of issues, including:

  • pandemic policy development
  • pandemic risk assessment
  • situation specific pandemic / infectious disease response

2. Assessment, Readiness & Planning

Our Public Health specialists will help you develop pandemic plans by:

  • analysing and understanding the risks and potential business impacts of a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak to your organisation
  • evaluating any current plans for appropriateness and potential effectiveness
  • assisting in the development of policies, action plans and business continuity plans to help your organisation minimise the impact and then recover from such an event

3. Pandemic Response

We will deploy medical and logistics personnel to support your organisation's response to a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak.  On-site medically trained personnel will:

  • support screening and infection mitigation processes
  • provide triage and care
  • arrange transport of potentially infected individuals (where possible)

4. Customised Alerts & Information

Health situations are monitored worldwide and we will send you regular information and alerts:

  • customised to the needs of your organisation
  • advising you when you need to take action
  • sent only to appropriate contacts within your organisation to avoid panic

Free Assessment of Your Current Plans

To find out more, and how you can get a free assessment of your current plans by a highly qualified specialist in pandemic planning, contact us now.