Services - International Pre Deployment Medical

Global Medical Arrangement Services

Employees working in challenging or extreme conditions such as remote or offshore locations, extreme temperatures or heights, or those employed in physically or mentally strenuous work, often require a medical examination prior to the commencement of their deployment to ensure they are fit for the role.

At Swiss Assist, we offer an independent, bespoke service tailored to our clients’ specific requirements with a fast turn-around to ensure employees are certified ‘fit to work’ as quickly as possible and providing clients with detailed reports and a full audit trail.


Pre-deployment medicals/ pre-employment medical examinations and vaccinations

Our extensive global network of clinics means that medical examinations and vaccinations can be arranged at locations convenient to your global workforce and the whole process can be completed within a turn-around time from just 5-7 days. Medicals are tailored to requirements, encompassing factors such as:

  • demands of the role
  • location/country of deployment
  • visa and vaccination requirements
  • length of assignment
  • wellbeing of the employee
  • internal policies and requirements of the hiring organization.

Working closely with clients to identify their specific requirements, we also establish a process that best suits your operational needs.


Oil & Gas Offshore Medicals

The Offshore Medical Examination is a recognized standard globally and many hiring organizations require workers operating offshore and in remote locations to undergo this examination once every two years.
Providing access to the complete global network of accredited specialists, Swiss Assist arranges specific medical examinations on behalf of our clients at locations convenient to their workforce, whether employees or contractors in the Oil & Gas industry.
Our fast turn-around times mean that expensive delays in deployment are avoided.


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