On-line Travel Support, International Travel Assistance and International Medical Assistance

Global Healthcare Insurer

Swiss Assist is trusted to look the after the corporate, business travel and leisure travel clients of one of the world's leading international healthcare insurers.


Client: Premier Healthcare Insurer


Population: Hundreds of thousands of expatriates, business travellers and leisure travellers visiting, living and working globally for multinational corporations, governments, NGOs and IGOs.  This diverse population is comprised of dozens of different nationalities, cultures, religions and languages.


Locations: Living and working in over 160 different countries.


Services: Comprehensive package of care, including:

  • Primary and secondary healthcare globally
  • Medical advice and second opinion
  • Psychological support
  • Emergency medical evacuations and repatriation
  • On-going medical case management
  • Online information support services
  • Travel assistance

Languages: Multiple languages, cultures and religions